Holy Ground Retreat Center

The need for another retreat center was growing by leaps and bounds.  Parishes were requesting dates for 2, 3, and 5 years ahead.   The sisters had a piece of land that they had obtained at a distance of where their residence was.  Developers were very interested in this land and the sisters saw the opportunity to obtain the monies they needed for the retreat project; of course, some fund-raising was still necessary.  With a great deal of expertise advice, the process was begun and in two years, Holy Ground was officially named and blessed for many retreats to come.


“In the intimacy of the Tent of Meeting take place one of the most sublime experiences in the human walk: the contemplation of our condition as children of God.” Manuel López Casquete 

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Holy Ground

Retreats Scheduled for Holy Ground 2019

Date Parish Director Parish Contact
June 6 – June 9 Mission Saint José Javier (210) 922-0543
Date Parish Director Parish Contact