Holy Ground Retreat Center

The need for another retreat center was growing by leaps and bounds.  Parishes were requesting dates for 2, 3, and 5 years ahead.   The sisters had a piece of land that they had obtained at a distance of where their residence was.  Developers were very interested in this land and the sisters saw the opportunity to obtain the monies they needed for the retreat project; of course, some fund-raising was still necessary.  With a great deal of expertise advice, the process was begun and in two years, Holy Ground was officially named and blessed for many retreats to come.


“I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her.”  Hos. 2:14

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Holy Ground

Retreats Scheduled for Holy Ground 2023

More retreat dates available, please call or email for availability: Terry Suttles – office: (210) 798-8220 x33 cell: (210) 840-1175  email: retreatctr@cordi-marian.org

Date Parish Director Parish Contact
September 7-10 St. Anthony Mary Claret (Men/Spanish.) Norma Pena 210-688-9033
September 4-7 St. Fernando Cathedral (Men/English) Nancy Cortez (210) 620-2522
September 21-24 St. Benedict (Women/English) Debra (210) 648-0123
September  28- Oct. 1st  St. Bridget Catholic Church  (Women/English) Blanca Villegas (210) 696-0896
October 5-8 St. Luke (Women/Spanish) Gerry Duran  (210) 210-687-9780
October 13-15 St. Dominic (Men/Spanish) Christina Espinoza (210) 385-9164
October 26-29 St. Andrew (Women/Spanish)  Antonia Gonzales (830) 709-4287
November 2-5 Holy Family (Women/ English) Jennifer (210) 452-3064
November 9-12 Holy Spirit (Women/ English) Ramon Villarreal (210) 341-1395
November 16-19 Prince of Peace (Men/English) Cesar Camacho (210) 681-8330
Thanksgiving Break  No Retreats 
November 30- Dec 3 St. Anthony Mary Claret (Men/Spanish) Norma Pena (210) 688-9033
December 7-10 San Fernando Cathedral (Men/English) Nancy Cortez (210) 620-2522
December 14-17 St. Buenaventura (Men-English) Ruby (956) 635-5548