The Retreat Center at Cordi-Marian is perhaps the most recognizable feature of the Cordi-Marian grounds.


For over 25 years, The Retreat Center has played host to tens of thousands of men, women and youth who have attended an ACTS retreat (Adoration, Community, Theology and Service) Cursillos, Marriage encounters, Catechetical, and educational retreats there.

Cordi-Marian now offers duo opportunities for retreats. Emmaus House, built in 1998 offers a 56 bed facility with possibilities of another 40 beds in the formal novitiate or team house. Holy Ground, dedicated and blessed on August 3, 2008 offers a 91 bed facility. Holy Ground has an entry through Alamo Parkway and Wild Pine.

The peacefulness and natural beauty of the grounds are harmonized by life-size statuary of the stations of the cross and soft music pumped throughout the day.

So popular are the retreats, in fact, they require booking years in advance. The Retreat Center itself offers an open atmosphere for retreat attendants to reconnect with their own faith and open up for outside support.

Many lives have been changed within the walls of The Retreat Center at Cordi-Marian.

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