Emmaus Retreat Center

In 1989, the Cursillos and ACTS movements were very strong and flourishing, and the fact that there were not as many retreat centers in the area.  With the help of many friends and concerned individuals, a foundations grant-writing was begun.  The Kenedy Foundation and the Mabee foundations were two of the larger grants and with about another 10 smaller grants half of the proposed budget was raised to build a new 56 bed Retreat Center.  Many groups pulled fund-raising efforts to help open Emmaus Retreat Center.

“Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” 1 John 4:16

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Retreats Scheduled for Emmaus 2023

More retreat dates available, please call or email for availability: Terry Suttles – office: (210) 798-8220 x33 cell: (210) 840-1175  email: retreatctr@cordi-marian.org

Date Parish Director Parish Contact
September 7-10 St. Mark the Evangelist (Women/English) St. Marc CC (210) 494-1606
September  12-17 Mission San Jose (Men/English) Jessie (210) 725-1077
September 21-24 Divine Providence (Men/Spanish) Mrs. Villalobos (210) 204-4981
September 28- October 1 Holy Spirit (Men/Spanish)  Sara Garcia (210) 341-1395
October 5-8  Holy Trinity (Women/Spanish ) Betty Cardona (210) 679-8176
October 12-15 St. James (Women/English) Luis Alva  (210) 842-6609
October 19-22 St. Rose of Lima (Women/Spanish) Betty Cardona (210) 679-8176
October 26-29 Queen of Heaven (Women/Spanish)  Queen of Heaven office (210) 622-3282
November 2-5  St. Helen Catholic Church (Women/Eng.) Yolanda Barboza (210) 724-1955
November 9-12 Queen of Heaven  Lidia  (210) 844-9078
November 16-19 St. Mark the Evangelist  (Women/Eng.) Rita Caballero  (210) 494-1606 ext 320
Thanksgiving Break No Retreats 
November 30th- Dec. 3  Holy Trinity (Men/ English) Marcus Vigil  (210) 442-9407
December 7-10  St. Mark the Evangelist (Men-English) St. Mark Office  (210) 494-1606