Original Sisters’ Cemetery

Originally one acre was assigned for the sisters’ burials. Very soon, friends and relatives were allowed in some areas. In 2004, a group of concerned friends met to investigate the possibility and master-planning for an expansion, opening Cordi-Marian Cemetery to the public.


The Grotto to Our Lady, with its waterfall, tomb, and stage-like setting lends itself to many prayerful events.

The Pavilion

The pavilion is an excellent setting for funeral services and gatherings.

Stations of the Cross

In addition to the natural beauty of the site, Resurrection Cemetery is also home to gorgeous, life-size marble sculptures representing the Stations of the Cross, which double as icons of faith as well as a columbarium for cremations. When you step onto the grounds you will be filled with a sense of peace and spirituality. Soft music is pumped throughout the grounds.

The Resurrected Christ

The Resurrected Christ is the central figure at the entrance of the cemetery, and “name saint” for Resurrection Cemetery.

Garden of Angels

This special area is dedicated for all our baby angels, from embryos to six years old. Jesus welcomes all children to come to him.

Military Section

Dedicated to all those who have served the public in any way, Armed Forces to first responders.

Jesus Washes Peter’s Feet

Even though this area is a private Family Estate, it is a beautiful and a dominant feature of the cemetery.

Tobit Garden

The Tobit Garden was blessed and dedicated for homeless persons on June of 2016 by Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller.