Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our regular events are temporarily closed to the public.
Additionally, the premises are closing at 8:00pm. All visitors must wear a face covering while on the grounds.


These guidelines are subject to changes without notice.

  • Overtime Fees apply for funerals conducted outside normal business hours (i.e. weekdays after 3:00pm, or on Saturday).
  • Special Resurrection Cemetery guidelines and fees apply when headstones or benches are purchased by an outside vendor.
  • Memorials or benches may be purchased from outside vendors, but specific guidelines and fees must be adhered to and signed, paid, and approved by proper persons before these can be installed.
  • A headstone may not be placed on a plot unless the plot/plots are paid in full.
  • You must schedule an appointment to begin the process for a headstone no later than 3 months after your loved one’s internment
  • Resurrection Cemetery is not responsible for damaged pictures or any other appliques on any headstone
  • Upright headstones allowed only in designated areas
  • Benches require cemetery office staff’s approval prior to installation; these are typically allowed in a family estate or only next to a tree, on a first come, first serve basis (three benches are allowed by each tree)
  • One vase/flowerpot (not to exceed 8″x8″); and/or one solar light (not to exceed 18″ high) allowed at occupied gravesites; NO GLASS ITEMS ARE ALLOWED. We are not responsible for unauthorized items placed at the gravesite if they are lost or disposed of. PLEASE SHARE THIS RULE WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY.
  • You MAY NOT bring your own grass to cover gravesites. Cemetery staff will lay seed, aerate, and irrigate when necessary. Absolutely no planting anywhere in cemetery without prior permission. Any wind chimes or decorations on trees will be removed and disposed.
  • No food/drink items allowed on any gravesite. These will attract ants and rodents.
  • Pets are NOT allowed in the cemetery for any reason.
  • We are not responsible to damages to vehicles or for stolen items while at cemetery. Please secure/lock your cars. We are not responsible for any accidents in the cemetery.
    • Please refrain from speeding.
    • Please proceed with caution
    • Speed limit is 15MPH
    • Please honor One Way Signs
    • Do not block cemetery roadways
  • While visiting the cemetery NO ONE is allowed near or by construction areas. Please respect the cemetery driveways and do not drive or park on the grass. Sprinklers are installed along the roadway and have been damaged by cars.
  • Please contain your children. The Grotto/Fountain area is not for climbing. No hanging on statues, no stepping on occupied plots, no climbing on benches, no running, skateboarding, or riding bikes in the cemetery. NO THROWING ROCKS IN WATER FALLS/FOUNTAINS or any cemetery property, including headstones.
  • Cemetery visiting hours are daily 8:00am-8:00pm. Chapel visiting hours are 8:00am-6:00pm. Most sprinklers are programmed to begin at 7:00pm. Please arrange your visit accordingly.
  • Holiday decorations allowed the weekend before a holiday or anniversary and must be picked up the weekend after the holiday, no later than Sunday. **Items will be removed the Thursday and Friday immediately following the holiday.** Please NO balloons. ¬†Absolutely no decorations on trees. We do not save any “Not Allowed” items that are left on plots.