Planning For The Future

It’s difficult to think about the future, but it’s also very important. Preparation can make difficult times a little easier on those who are left to make arrangements. By reserving your plots at Resurrection Cemetery now, your can ensure that everything will be taken care of, and nobody will be left making decisions during a difficult time.


In addition to the tranquil atmosphere Resurrection Cemetery offers, there are a number of other amenities that make it the ideal cemetery:

  • Family Gardens with adjacent plots
  • Specialized Infant Gardens including a memorial for the unborn child
  • A secluded Grotto for prayer, funeral services, and liturgies
  • Pavilion for gatherings and funeral services
  • A beautiful waterfall
  • Soft music pumped throughout the grounds


  • Single Traditional Burial

    Single Traditional Burial

    A gravesite for only one person, these may vary in price depending on the area. The office map depicts different colors that determine the price.  These are found in all sections of the cemetery

  • Double Dept. Traditional Burials

    Double Dept. Traditional Burials

    A gravesite where the first individual is buried deep enough to bury a relation on top. The headstone will be the size of a single burial but with inscriptions that will identify both persons buried. 

  • Outdoor Crypt Niches

    Outdoor Crypt Niches

    These are underground niches large enough for two urns. A 24″ x 24″ and 18″ high outer concrete container are prearranged in the special crypt area.

  • Columbarium Niches

    Columbarium Niches

    The large statues of the Stations of the Cross are sitting on large enclosed columbarium. Each consists of of 72 niches and some stations also include a small 8 niche columbarium on the sides. 


  • Tomb Niches

    Tomb Niches

    The large ceremonial grotto consists of a waterfall on one side and a walk-in tomb on the other end. Lining the back wall inside the tomb is a 32 Niche Columbarium. 

  • St. Joseph Chapel Glass-Front Niches and Marble-Front Niches

    St. Joseph Chapel Glass-Front Niches and Marble-Front Niches

    St. Joseph’s Chapel has a special niche area, with 400 glass-front niches with a variety of one urn or companion urn niches, and another 400 marble-front single niches. Four large, exclusive niches depict distinct religious memorials. 

  • Family Estates

    Family Estates

    You can find these throughout the cemetery. Some are a little more elaborate than others but most consist of landscaping, some with iron work, a bench, and one or two headstones. These will also vary in size. Some will house two graves, others three, and some even up to nine gravesites.