The year was 1921. In the midst of the Mexican Revolution the Congregation of the Cordi- Marian Sisters was founded in the city of Puebla de Los Angeles in Mexico. The founder was Carman Serrano, a dedicated catechist who had a great desire to reach the innumerable throngs of people, especially women and children who had no one to evangelize them.  Carmen Serrano and a catechist friend received the inspiration from God to found the congregation as they knelt in front of the Blessed Sacrament in the small chapel of “San Mathias”.

In 1926, the group of Sisters fled Mexico to escape the religious persecution. The Claretian Fathers offered them a small house within the church hall in Martindale, TX. There they ministered to the people of God with much effort to make ends meet. Later they settled in Chicago, IL and San Antonio. Therefore becoming the first Cordi-Marian Sisters in the United States.

Since then, the sisters have worked diligently serving the poor evangelizing them by means of schools, media, and social work. The Sisters have made their presence through ministry in Illinois, Kansas City, Missouri and Texas.


The Cordi-Marian Medal

A Symbol of Devotion

All the sisters wear the Cordi-Marian Medal at all times to remind them of their charism and mission. It is a spiritual reminder of the promise they made to dedicate their lives to teach all nations for the sake of the Kingdom of the whole world through prayer, teaching and spreading the word of God.